Wednesday, 7 September 2011

I'm okay!!

Hey guys, i've got a bit of bad news today. I'm fine but my car is not.

I was driving back from uni this afternoon with one of my friends when I stopped at a traffic light. Next thing I know, there's this massive thud, and we're halfway out on the intersection! Some guy had run up the back of my Toyota Yaris hatchback with his dirty great Nissan Patrol! Wish I had my camera with me! My poor little Rosie (the car :P) now has her tush crushed halfway into the back seat by the other car's massive bull bar. It was very lucky that I didn't have my second friend in the car also that I usually drive home, if she'd been in the back seat she could have been seriously hurt!

Thankfully there was a tow truck about 5 cars back who stopped to help. First thing I did was ring Mum who told me to ring the police. Duh, I should have done that first :P Turns out the guy who ran up the back of me had been drinking -_- The police have assured me that I have nothing to worry about except not having my car for 2-3 weeks. t's the train for me until mid session break. But everyone's okay, and that's the main thing.

If you've read through all of that, sorry I just need to get all of this out of my system. I received my MOO business cards this morning and I will do a review on those. I'm also going to do a mani with Revlon Red as it's the exact shade as my little car :)


Vita said...

Sorry to hear about your car :( At least it can be replaced. Glad you're alright!

reeree said...

Oh noes! Glad to hear you're okay! Hopefully it won't take too long to get your car back. I didn't get my Yaris back for 5 weeks once!

Cat said...

So glad you put that first sentence in about you being okay. Bugger that you car's not, but at least you and your friend are.