Friday, 3 June 2011

Zoya Mimi

My first time wearing a Zoya polish... i'm officially a convert!!
I applied this last Thursday and am only just contemplating taking it off as i'm writing this. That's 8 days of wear, including three hair washing sessions, which always give me major tip wear, with zero crazing and I only have minor tip wear and a few little chips on my thumbs which I always have trouble with anyway.
I absolutely love the brush, which is short, wide and moderately flexible, with a comfortably shaped handle. I find it to be the most user friendly brush i've tried so far.
This is three coats.
Isn't she pretty?

I've never seen anything quite like the glitter in the Zoya Sparkle collection, it's almost like tiny flakies! I think my search for the perfect royal purple has reached its end :)

Here's my pretty girl, Cindy, and my Mimi mani

Thank you so much to Sharon from the Australian Zoya Facebook page for going out of her way to get this lovely polish to me!
I'll be swatching the two other Zoyas I purchased, Charla and Ivanka in the next few weeks :)


Vita said...

Beautiful purple and welcome to the Gumleaf mafia! I would have said something earlier but I had major commenting issues with Blogger :(

Julia said...

Thank you Vita :)