Sunday, 29 May 2011

China Glaze LOL

Hey guys, i'm really sorry about the lack of updates lately, i've been really busy with uni, various family functions and making the decision to have my first horse put to sleep. Only 3 weeks until all my exams and uni stuff is finished and i'll be able to do my nails on a regular basis and do some makeup swatches i've been meaning to get around to.

I've seen on quite a few blogs that holographic polishes dry SUPER fast, so being time poor and needing something that would cheer me up a little, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try out one of my China Glaze OMG polishes! Going by names alone, are you surprised that I picked LOL?

Please excuse the pooling in my cuticles, I did this at three am during a stretch of essay procrastination and I really didn't feel like cleaning up.

I took stacks of pictures, but all but these two were so washed out that it looked like I was wearing IDK, the lavender lacquer from the same collection. You know what they say about purple and cameras! I also didn't manage to capture the full holo effect because the sun refused to play nice until I had massive chips on my swatch hand. Guess i'll just have to wear it again!!
I don't think i've ever worked with a formula quite like this. It's really thin but extremely pigmented, I only needed two coats for full coverage, but it shows every single imperfection on my nails even after I buffed them.... Also, top coat didn't seem to dull the holo effect, but neither did it extend wear time! I think I might play with a base coat next time.
I absolutely loved the colour of this lacquer, but the wear was absolutely terrible! I took these photos the in the afternoon of the day when I did my nails then jumped in the shower. When I got out and inspected my nails, three had minor chips boo! Oh well, it was fun while it lasted :)


Kelz86 said...

I was never a big fan of Purple but i love holo purples! This looks amazing! It's on my list to get. I have half of the OMG collection just gotta get the rest.
I have crappy nails at the moment! After wearing acrylics for 18 months, they have 99% grown out and they peel and split. Whenever i do my nails i do 2 coats of OPI Original Nail Strengthener to help keep them strong and then 1 coat of Dr, Lewins Ridge filler which fills out any ridges in the nail and covers and smooths the peeling tips. Perhaps try giving that a go. It hasn't gone away but it definitely helps with looking nice at least til they fully grow out and strengthen up. I got Dr. Lewins from the chemist but you can use any brand of Ridge Filler.

Julia said...

Thanks for the advice! I hadn't thought of using a ridge filler :) I usually use OPI Original Nail Envy, but i've heard that OMG polishes don't like base coats and I was in a hurry. I'll definitely have a play around with base coats when i've got some spare time! I only really have trouble with my ring finger nail, because they grow on an angle, with really short beds and the one on my swatching hand has a big ridge in it that's too deep to buff out.