Monday, 25 July 2011

piCture pOlish blog fest: Candy

If this posts on time, i'll be on my way to the first day of my second semester at uni! Only nine weeks till mid session break.... but who's counting?
You will most likely be experiencing an influx of piCture pOlish themed blog posts today. This is due to the scheduled piCture pOlish blog fest! Late in May, the ladies at piCture pOlish sent out an email to their e-newsletter subscribers asking for beauty bloggers to apply to swatch one shade from their range. The aim -  to have every piCture pOlish colour reviewed on the same day.
I was lucky enough to be chosen, and received the shade Candy to review, a bright, pastel bubblegum pink.

piCture pOlish is an Australian based company and their shades retail for AU$9.90 each, a steal compared to some other brands distributed in Australia. They come in little square bottles that hold 11ml of product with a nice, easy to hold cap and a medium length brush. If you have tiny nails like I do, you'll want to make sure that you wipe the excess polish off the brush before applying because it holds a lot of product.
This is three thin coats of piCture pOlish Candy over my usual ridge filler, topped with Out the Door fast dry top coat.

The formula was a little streaky and thicker than what i'm used to working with, but evened out nicely after the third coat and top coat. Candy lasted 4 days before I found a single tiny chip and removed the next day after finding a few more. As that's the sort of wear i've come to expect from higher end polishes I was really pleased.
I'm not a pink girl, but I was pleasantly surprised by this one. Even my dad who usually couldn't care less about polish though it looked really 'fresh'.
After I took the picture of the bottle with all the musk flavoured lollies, during a brief sugar high, I tried my unpracticed hand at a little dodgy nail art. Not sure if I should be sharing, but what the heck :P

Hehe have any tips for me?

If you would like to see swatches of the other 'blog fest' shades, I have been told that pictures will be posted on their facebook site and in the 'blogger swatch' section of the website. piCture pOlish is available at selected retailers and from their website which also stocks Ozotic polishes. Gotta get my hands on a few of those holographics!

Please note: This product was sent to me for the purpose of this review. This has in no way altered my opinion of the product.


Em said...

Ooooh this colour is so pretty! I don't usually like pink either but I really like this. The nail art is so cute too :D

Vita said...

Great pink and I love the flowers too!