Saturday, 6 August 2011

OPI Purple with a Purpose

So I have something a little bit special to show you today.
Back in 2008 after a fair bit of window shopping I found a purple dress that I wanted to wear to my formal. As I was still a nail biter at the time, no mani, but I wanted to find the perfect purple pedi colour. I had absolutely no idea where to start looking! I had never bought nail polish before, I had no need for it, and if I wanted to give myself a quick pedi i'd just borrow one of Mum's Revlons :P

Woo! Spinning in my pretty dress :)
(Incidentally, this picture won me a free lippie in Australis' Shadey Friday competition that they run through their facebook page. Will definitely swatch once my face clears up a bit)

So this led me to my first visit to the OPI section of the local David Jones. I'd never seen so many pretty colours!! After a good half an hour of drooling, I walked away with this polish clutched in my hot little hands.

I apologize for the overly shiny/blurry pictures, but my camera freaks at the mere mention of purple and these were the only two that didn't look horribly washed out.
Purple with a Purpose would be just your average purple polish if it wasn't for the lovely red and blue shimmer that comes out to play in good lighting.
Looking at this colour now in comparison to some of the other colours in my stash, it's a little boring. Don't get me wrong I still love it as a pedi colour to go with a more complex purple mani, but I think i'm a little spolied by for choice with the more outrageous colours in my collection! It is a very nice staple to have.


Vita said...

Super purple and I think I've got it in my untrieds!

Cat said...

Great clour. Love the swooshiness of the dress