Saturday, 20 August 2011

China Glaze OMG

Today i've got some silvery holo eye candy to share!
Although temperatures are back down to usual winter frigidness and the clouds have rolled back in, I managed to get a few holo swatches in during last week's blazing sunshine! Unfortunately i've had three breaks since then, including one on my more photogenic hand. So lots of naily envy, solar oil, old swatches and boring colours while I grow them out again boo!
These photos are over freshly (lightly) buffed nails and a ridge filler because I find that holo polishes are extremely unforgiving to any imperfections.
The first photo is sans top coat and the second is after. I really can't see any dulling of the holographic effect with top coat.

Love that rainbow effect!!

Mmmm this one's going to get a lot of wear come summer, the perfect polish for a day out in the sun!

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