Thursday, 19 May 2011

DS Original and Ulta3 Royal Fever

So, starting out on my no buy hit list, I thought i'd try layering one of my new DS polishes because the net is absolutely saturated with pictures of them alone and I wanted to see how they would look over a base colour. Pretty spectacular i'd say!
Also, from the images i've seen, top coat tends to dim the effect of most holographic polishes, so I thought i'd do a comparison.

Top coat on the middle and pinkie.
I think top coat actually makes this one look much glossier, so I went ahead and did the rest of my nails.

Woo! My first holo! Think I might need to wear gloves while i'm driving though, sparkly rainbows are super distracting :P


Cat said...

Great Blog.
Welcome to the Gumleaf Mafia.

Cincly said...

Thank you :)