Monday, 2 May 2011

Sally Hansen Emerald City

So because the diamantes on my previous mani fell of within a day, resulting in dear mum asking if my nail was broken, I decided to take it off. Bit of a shame it gave me a minor case of the smurf fingers! So I did another mani to cover up my blue tinted nails.
After following Michelle's project over at all lacquered up, I decided to grab one of my untried lacquers. So this is what I had to choose from:
I wore the purple OPI (Purple With a Purpose) as my pedi for year 10 formal and then it got shoved in the drawer and neglected. So seeing as I haven't worn it on my fingers, I classified it as unworn.

But seeing as it's May, I couldn't go past my birthstone shade :) So here's Emerald City!

So shiny!

I can't believe i've never worn this before! It's definitely going into high rotation around Christmas time.So glossy and sparkly.. I might also try the Artform Green multichrome on top if I get bored with this mani as I did a one finger swatch over a black base and didn't like it very much. 
This was 3 coats of Emerald City over a OPI Original Nail Envy base with Revlon Colorstay Top Coat.

So do you guys have the same problem of buying all these beautiful colours, sticking them in a drawer and then forgetting all about them?
I'd love to know if you see anything you'd like me to swatch!!


Leanne said...

This is the perfect xmas colour! Or for St Patty's day :-P I have seen this colour and have been quite tempted to get it but I have too many polishes @_@

Cincly said...

It's such a gorgeous polish, my second favourite green after Emerald Sparkle! Total no brainer purchase if you like green :)