Saturday, 14 May 2011

The week from hell... redeemed :) (pic heavy)

Yay! Blogger's back up and running fairly smoothly, finally :P So here's the recap of my week i've been wanting to post for a few days now.

So the excitement all started on Sunday, when I read Carina from Gilded Nails post about a supply store in Sydney of all places that had some AMAZING htfs and I decided that I had to get over there at some point during the week. Finished an assignment (YAY!!), printed it and then left my laptop on the table. I turned around to retrieve the assignment out of the printer and heard this almighty crash! My laptop fell off the table onto bare floorboards :(
I took the computer to the repair shop, and spent the next two days going at it hammer and tongs to redo the half finished assignment that was on the laptop, due Wednesday..

So here's where the week gets better! As of now, I have a new model Macbook Pro with all my data, sans music and photos.
It was also my birthday! Cosmetics wise, I received two OPIs, a Sally Hansen and all the stuff pictured below. I also had to put my necklace in there, it's multichrome!!

My Zoya package also arrived on my birthday, so stoked with the colours I ordered!
Thank you so much to Sharon from sales who got these out to me :)

So these are Ivanka, Mimi and Charla from the 2010 Sparkle collection. Yes, I know I jumped on the wagon pretty late with these, but that doesn't stop them from being gorgeous!!
If you're in Australia, you can purchase Zoya from selected salons, or Art of Beauty for AU$17 a bottle.

Sadly, I only had time for a one finger swatch on my way out the door to uni, these are three coats each. I haven't played with these properly yet, because I got just a little distracted on Thursday...
Remember that supply store I mentioned?

OMG literally!!!! Thank you Carina!!
I picked up DS Signature and Original, China Glaze Dorothy Who?, C-C-Courage and Watermelon Rind, in addition to my pick of the OMG collection; L8R G8R, BFF, LOL, DV8, QT and OMG.
I spent like an hour in the store, and there were so many more pretties that I wanted, guess i'm going to have to make another trip!

So after returning from my supply store haulage, it was clear that I was not going to fit any more polish into my desk drawer :P So a drawer in my wardrobe got cleaned out...

There we go, much roomier!

On another note, i've officially put myself on a no buy until i've worn all of my untrieds, around 30 bottles, more than half of all the polish I own!... this could take a while :)


GildedNails said...

ohh i have to get ds signature!! great haul!!

Cincly said...

Yay another trip! Thank you so much :)

Kelz86 said...

awesome haul!! wish i could find the ChG OMG and OPI DS collections here. but i live in Adelaide! We don't have anything good here haha.
I most definitely want DS Signature as well!