Monday, 11 April 2011

Wicked Series-Blue diamonds on a green field

This is a mani I did a few weeks ago in support of my Special Olympics swim team when we travelled to Narooma for the state swim carnival.
I was wearing just the green (Australis Limited Edition 2) initially which showed off the slight blue shimmer in the polish, when dear Mum remarked that I looked like I had boogers on my nails. I was going to take it off then and there, but I then thought of the blue glitter polish i'd bought the day before (Ulta3 Blue Glitter) and we both decide it looked much better this way. Mani salvaged!
The Australis shade has a nice creamy formula that is easy to work with and opaque in two coats. The Ulta3 glitter is meant to be a layering polish. No matter how many layers you paint on, you will still see nail but i'm fine with that.

A note of caution, if you'd like this manicure to last, do not go swimming! I spent an hour in the pool with the athletes mucking around and it started peeling off in chunks. In fact, if you look closely, you can see a chip on my index finger and this was day 2, pre swim.
This picture was two coats of Australis Limited Edition (which I purchased from my local Priceline) and two coats of Ulta3's Blue Glitter (which I picked up from my local Bloom's chemist) with OPI Original Nail Envy as base coat with Revlon Colorstay top coat.

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