Sunday, 10 April 2011

Wicked Series-OPI The Show Must Go On!

So after posting about a wicked green, I thought it was only fair to showcase an equally special pink. This shade is the sole duochrome from OPI's Burlesque holiday collection 2010 and was almost the one that got away! At the stage this lacquer was released, I was wearing greens exclusively. Walked past it several times thinking i'd never wear a flashy colour like that and by the time I decided I wanted it, it was sold out at my main retailer. I then scouted out a few local salons and snapped up the last bottle at a tiny shop, and i'm so glad I did!
The Show Must Go On! is predominantly a hot pink which flashes bronze in certain lighting. This colour screams, 'Over here! No, down here! Yes! Look at meeee!!' Very Galindaesque if I may say so. Although if you were looking for a cheaper and easier to find obnoxious pink, I would recommend Digital by Sally Hansen (which I will most likely be swatching within the next few weeks) which can be found in Pricelines nation wide.
You can sort of see the bronze flash on the index and ring finger but it's a fairly weak effect. Other bloggers have suggested that this polish is a dupe for Mac's Bad Fairy. Although I don't own both, from comparisons i've seen, I would say they are similar but this polish is a much brighter pink.

I absolutely adore this colour but it wore terribly on me. By the end of the second day, I had major chipping and tip wear on three fingers of my left hand! These pictures were 3 coats of colour with OPI Original Nail Envy as base coat and Revlon Colorstay top coat.

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